Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man bloody skydrive

trying to upload pics to skydrive so I can blog em, but damn 'internal error' keeps happening, even restarting didnt help! argh!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Name ya poison!

Ah, the notorious femme fatale Poison of Final Fight Fame ( try saying THAT ten times with a mouth full of weet bix ! )

Made from a Pyslocke body, with leg extensions and boob enhancements, she sports a removeable top, scratch built hand cuffs, hair made from flexible rubber pipe, and well, you can prob tell whats been done if you have a psylocke figure handy hehe.

Just took some 'flash' shots of Masane

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Red,...Sonja..WINS..hmm.. too much MKombat me thinks...

Well here is a recent commission I did, thats probably one of the best works i have done so far. Mostly as it involved an almost complete body resculpt and extensions, but also features a removable bikini top, custom made sword and knife, leather straps, real metal sheeting for armour, and just cool vibe !LOL.

Hmm, this is kinda easy I suppose...

Maybe i should add another picture... well, my most recent large scale custom will do!!

behold !

Day one... tis a fine fine Wednesday, and this is how I use it...

Well here goes !
This is my custom anime Witchblade Masane figure, created from a Marvel Legends Elektra figure.
Quite a bit of sculpting using Aves apoxy sculpt, some green stuff, leg extensions, styrene, blood from mistimed knife cutting and tears from the resulting pain! heh.
Painted with citadel chaos black, tamiya for the flesh, fusion for the shiny, I feel she came up quite well!
I have no doubt my posts will be few and far between, however I hope they are at least enjoyable to view.
I will endeavour to upload my previous customs over time!